An implementation of Scilab on the GARUDA GRID enabling rapid code execution online

Scilab on Cloud

For enhanced performance and safety, FOSSEE team ported Scilab to the GARUDA Grid, with the help from the GARUDA Team at CDAC, Bengaluru.

Scilab on Cloud facilitates execution of Scilab Textbook Companion codes online.

Features :
  • The results can be verified with the solved example(s) from the textbook.
  • Change the values of the variables and in fact, the code itself, and execute it.
  • In addition to the given examples, one can also copy and paste (or) write a new code in the input box provided on the interface and execute the same.

How it Works

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Garuda Grid


We, the Scilab team at IIT Bombay India, aim to increase the use of Scilab in educational institutions across India. The primary focus of our efforts is to help educational institutions shift from using proprietary packages to using Scilab.

Scilab is a major component of the FOSSEE (Free and Open source Software for Education) project.


GARUDA (Global Access to Resource Using Distributed Architecture) is India's Grid Computing Initiative connecting 17 cities across the country.

The 45 participating institutes in this nationwide project include all the IITs and C-DAC centres and other major institutes in India.

Scilab Cloud in Action


Example 001

Engineering Heat Transfer by W.S. Janna, Chapter 6, E.g. 6.4. Scilab can be used to study temperature properties of freon gas over a tube with constant wall temperature

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FOSSEE (Free and Open Source Software in Education) project promotes the use of FOSS tools to improve the quality of education in our country. We aim to reduce dependency on proprietary software in educational institutions.

We encourage the use of FOSS tools through various activities to ensure commercial software is replaced by equivalent FOSS tools. We also develop new FOSS tools and upgrade existing tools to meet requirements in academia and research.